Downtown Duluth holds such wonderful childhood memories for me.  My uncle Russell was a VP at North Shore Bank in the early 70's and I would visit him at his big desk.  From there we would walk to Oreck's, Glass Block and I absolutely loved going to Woolworth's.  That was an era before there was an Interstate 35, so traveling to downtown Duluth was just as fun as shopping.

As we rolled into the late 70's and early 80's I became a member of the Duluth Figure Skating Club and spent every Saturday on the ice with Zoe Hill and her staff at the DECC, then called The Arena.  Afterwards, my mother and I would venture through the new skywalk to the Holiday Center making sure to stop at Hickory Farms.  We would shop for clothes at B.J. Spinnaker and of course, Wahl's Department Store.

Times have changed and so has downtown Duluth.  The department stores with their many floors have been replaced with individual fun shops to buy treasure to take home for yourself or gifts.  The merchants are friendly, chatting with you about your day as you shop.  The blacktop street Has been replaced with bricks making downtown Duluth very unique.  Our skywalk system that I mentioned earlier in the blog not only defines our City, but is a much needed comfort during those cold winter months. Food?  Not a problem, you have several different choices, from hamburgers to coneys to foods from around the world.

I want to give back to downtown Duluth for all those memories so it can continue to prosper and offer the finest of all worlds to our residents and visitors.  I hope that people, like myself as a child, find memories to last a lifetime while they are enjoying the finest the Northland has to offer.  That's why I'm going Over The Edge with the Greater Downtown Council to raise funds that will continue the growth and revitalization of our city.

You can too!  It's completely safe and while it may make my heart race, I'll be able to say "I DID IT" once my feet are back on Superior Street!