One of the things that hit me recently was the fact that everybody is so afraid to walk anywhere.  Why?

A few weeks ago, I went to a friends house about 1 mile away from my own house.  We were going to have drinks, so I figured I would walk so I didn't have to worry about driving.  My wife thought I was nuts!  So did my friend.  He lived 1 mile away.  1 mile!  Yeah, it was a little cold, but I put on a hat and gloves.

Then I started thinking, "this walking thing isn't all that bad!"  Ever since we started driving automobiles, we started getting fatter.  It's unheard of to think that people used to walk to the grocery store to get food.   Now, even if it's two blocks away, we drive!  Then we load up our cars full of sugary, fattening foods and drive home, usually eating a snack on the way back.

Today I needed to grab a quick bite to eat.  Unfortunately, there really only is fast food near here.  So I decided to go to Burger King down the road.  I walked towards my truck, and stopped and thought, "Seriously, you can't walk 2 blocks you fat ass?"

Here is my epic journey that took a whopping (haha no pun intended) 5 minutes.

And yep, I got a whopper.  But just wait a minute - I got a small size, and I used to get a large with a double whopper.

The point is I walked, and I'm going to start doing that from now on.  Places aren't that far to go, really!  And think about how much money we would save if we didn't drive so much.

A study points out that if we as Americans drive one less mile per day (meaning we would walk it instead) the obesity rate in america would drop by %2.16 percent in five years.  Think about if we did even more of that!  For more on those statistics, visit