Okay, I found a list of the types of people you can generally find working together at any business.  My guess is you can identify several of these people where you work, but the bigger question is: Are you any of these people?  This is most likely not a complete list and you may have others to add, but let's see how many of these people you know:

The Brown Noser -- Laughs at all the boss' jokes.

The Hall Monitor -- Always in the hall watching for who's doing what where.

Stinky Steve -- Hygiene is not his middle name.

Bathroom Hog -- The door is closed again.

Copy Cat -- She's always at the copy machine. She loves collating.

The Chronic Whiner -- Complains and moans constantly. Won't look for another job. Has been there 20 years.

Fashion Police -- Critical of others apparel (behind their backs).

The One Upper -- No matter what you tell him, he's got an even better story.

Helpless in Seattle -- Can't do anything. Must be shown again and again.

The Perfume Polluter -- She comes to work wearing half a bottle of perfume.

The Neat Freak -- This person wouldn't have a hair out of place in a tornado and cleans off his desk with ammonia-based spay every day.

Sloppy Sam. He's the opposite of the neat freak. It's impossible to see his desk under all the clutter.

The Coffee Culprit -- This creep drinks the last cup of coffee and never makes another pot. (My personal pet peeve)

Loudmouth Larry -- Even if he's talking on the phone, you can hear him a half block away.

The Belcher -- He rattles windows with his burps and never says "Excuse Me."

The Gossip -- This person knows more about your life than you do and makes sure everyone else does too.

The Nutrition Cop -- This person peers at your lunch, then grimaces and says: "Don't you know that stuff will kill you."

The Junk Food Junkie -- The opposite of the Nutrition Cop. He sticks a candy bar under your nose and tempts you to eat it.

The Temperature Tamperer -- This person sneaks up to the thermostat and cranks it up or down, but never asks anyone else if they are comfortable.

So, are you on that list or do you work with any of these people?