If  you're like me you wait until just days, sometimes hours before Halloween to decide on a costume.  Some people want to join the crowd of most popular costumes for the year and others want to know so they can be totally unique and out of the norm.  Either way, this video will give you a sneak peek of what Northlanders have been choosing thus far.  If you're totally in the dark, it will give you some direction on where to go to get what you want without spending the gas to drive from shop to shop.

We went to three popular stores in Duluth that are known for their Halloween costume selection and posed the question, "what has been your top three popular costumes this year".  I was surprised at one costume in particular that has been flying off the shelves at two of the stores.

I hope it was helpful in making a selection this year.  I'm anxious to see your costume!!  Be sure to take pictures and upload them to the B105 Facebook Page, I'd love it!

Thanks to Matt at Northland Party, Stephanie at Savers and Garrett at Ragstock for their time and valuable costume information for Halloween 2016.