It's something you don't really think of until you need it.  When you do, it's likely a desperate situation.  Your neighborhood fire hydrant.  Park Point residents will be getting a new one and that will cause an interruption in water service on Thursday.

The City of Duluth Public Information Coordinator, Pakou Ly shared that a fire hydrant on Park Point needs to be replaced.  It's the one located at 16th Street South.  Due to the nature of the repair they will have to shut water to that area off for a couple of hours during the replacement this Thursday, February 25 between 1-3 pm.  pm.  If you reside south of 14th Street (from 14th Street to the Sky Harbor Airport) you will be affected.

Most people will be at work during those hours, but if you're home at that time, you'll want to be prepared.  Again, while this may be an inconvenience at the time, there may be a day when you're glad the work was done.