The Shania Twain comeback is about to kick into another gear.  Taking a cue from Garth Brooks, who resumes his Vegas shows in August, Shania is heading to Nevada to perform.


Shania Twain will come on over to Las Vegas in December 2012, launching her two-year residency at Caesars Palace. The country superstar, who has sold 75 million albums worldwide, revealed details of the concert series during a press conference at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville on June 8.

"I just can't wait," she said. "I wish I could just get started tomorrow. You know, today is a big turning point for me. I feel as though I'm about to step into a world of endless, creative possibilities. That is so exciting for a songwriter, for an artist, to take songs and translate them into such a magical place on a magical platform. This will be like no other platform I've ever been on before with my songs. It's a whole new beginning, I think, for the old music, if you will."

During the event, Twain fielded questions from reporters in Nashville as well as Las Vegas via satellite. In this partial transcript from the press conference, she talks about rediscovering her voice, releasing new music and reconnecting with her fans.

So much of your series on OWN has been about finding your voice again. What has been the time frame between finding your voice and this decision to play in Las Vegas?

Well, the losing of my voice has been very progressive and gaining my voice back has also been very progressive. Today I'm speaking very well. It's very open. I'm very happy with the way it's coming out. I've made a lot of progress in baby steps through the course of the series. I've seen great progress. I've gotten to the bottom of it and I'm addressing it. That is what sharing it was all about -- addressing the fact that not only do I have a problem, but it's scaring me and I really want to face those fears. So, sharing it with the public has been a very big part of addressing it, and it's helping such a great deal just to talk about it.

And I'm singing more. I force myself into a lot of vocal scenarios in the series. I know I can do it. I've proven it to myself. And now after visiting with experts, it's just a matter of following through with their advice and getting the therapy that I need. So it's not really much different than an athlete with an injury.

You may not realize it, or you may, but most vocalists do go through vocal problems and have a "the show must go on" sort of theory. I've never missed a show, ever, in my career -- any vocal performance, ever. And the show did go on, sometimes against what was better for me. I don't wanna do that this time. The show will go on, but this time around, I'm going to feel confident and good about it.

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