The show '60 Minutes' was always iconic for me growing up.  I spent weekends with my dad and Saturdays were always full of things like going to movies, hitting the baseball around, shooting hoops, or just wandering around the woods and gardens at my Grandpas house.  Sunday meant watching football with my dad and his famous hamburgers, that he made week after week in the same black skillet which I don't believe was ever washed.  Whenever I heard the opening to '60 Minutes' it wasn't great for news to me.  It meant the weekend fun was over, dad would bring me home soon as school awaited on Monday.

As I got older I grew to appreciate the show, which was always so well done.  I always loved the calm, trustworthy delivery of Mike Wallace.   This show will always bring back memories for me and I'm glad I got to watch Mr. Wallace just about every week.  RIP, sir.


Mike Wallace, who spent four decades as a hard-hitting, provocative news correspondent on "60 Minutes," has died, CBS reported Sunday. He was 93.

Wallace died Saturday night "peacefully surrounded by family members at Waveny Care Center in New Caanan, Connecticut, where he spent the past few years," CBS said in a statement.

"For half a century, he took on corrupt politicians, scam artists and bureaucratic bumblers," CBS News said on its website. "... Wallace took to heart the old reporter's pledge to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. He characterized himself as 'nosy and insistent.'"

During Sunday's night episode of "60 Minutes," Morley Safer called Wallace "a one-man truth squad with a remarkable gift for getting to the very core of a story."

"More than anyone else, he was responsible for the continuing success of '60 Minutes,'" Safer said. "We're all in his debt."

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