Heads up on what's happening with our roads will help elevate frustration when you travel around town.  While this has been a busy construction season, it's almost over and our roads, streets and the DTA multi-modal transportation center is going to be awesome!

Let's start with downtown Duluth and the East Hillside Projects.

Since last week 4th Ave West in downtown Duluth (from the First Street alley south to Superior St.) is closed from 9A to 3P.  This is to allow materials delivery to the maurice's construction site.

On 4th Street the utilities installation is complete although they still have some minor concrete repairs to tend to.  On 1st Ave West the gas line project is also complete between Michigan Street and 4th Street.  In a press release, the City stated that all street restorations in that area should be finished by this Friday.  With the exception of just below
Michigan Street, there's a short section of utility piping that remains to be installed.  They should have that in by November 13th.

If you travel on Michigan Street between 2nd and 3rd Ave West, that is still closed to traffic for traffic signal work due to the DTA Multimodal Transportation Center. That is one project deadline that may have to be extended due to some additional utility work needed.
The 10th Ave East reconstruction – Work between 3rd and 5th Street is complete and open to traffic. YAY!  The 3rd Street bridge which crosses over Chester Creek near 13 Avenue East is still under construction and reduced to just one lane. The gas main has already been installed and crews now have the job of back filling the street for restoration with bituminous paving to follow.  That's pending good weather conditions, keep your fingers crossed!
They are preparing East 4th Street (between 14th &16th Ave E)  for next year’s St.
Louis County reconstruction of 4th Street. That work is expected to be complete by late this month. For the time being, the project area is closed and traffic is being diverted to 3rd
or 5th Street.

In the Congdon and Lakeside area, Hawthorne Road (between 4th Street and Vermillion Road in the Congdon neighborhood) has a storm sewer and street repair project that should be completed very soon, then the road will be reopened by November 6.
That also the date the North Shore Track will be replaced on the St. Louis Lake County Regional Rail (SLLC) railroad crossing on 45th Ave E.  Until then, the road just below Superior Street and just above the alley (below the tracks) is closed. Local residents will have access but there will be no thru traffic allowed.

Info via:  City of Duluth Press Release