It's not 4th of July without fireworks.  We had a couple of big boy fireworks, and then quite a few of little kid sparklers and things.  Of course it was my job as Dad to light off all the fireworks.  Which in turn, made typing today somewhat painful.The problem was lighting the fuse on about 100 different little sparklers.  If you've lit the fuse on these before, you know that as soon as it lights it takes off and shoots sparks from the fuse.  The easiest way to prevent this is using a bbq lighter.  (You know, the long kind.)  We had two of them and both of them didn't work.  What's the odds of that happening?

So, armed with a cold beer and a cigarette lighter.  (A small one I may add.)  I started lighting off one after another.  It didn't take long for the fuse to burn the living crap out of my thumb.  I did it not once, not twice, but three times.   Ouch.

Next year I'm buying  a box of those bbq lighters just to have handy.