David Drew, our Afternoon host with more charisma than is allowed. We have him tested daily for performance enhancing drugs, no one should have that much talent! Continuing my then and now search for all the B105 personalities, I present David Drew.

David once used the name Udo Kier and spent part of his time acting. Taking on a german accent he made many horror movies. In particular, his first few movies he was pigeon holed into playing vampires. Blood for Dracula, Modern Vampires, and Shadow of the Vampire among his first few hit films. David was approached by a young comedian name Jim Carrey and a director named Tom Shadyac about making a film about a pet detective.  David accepted, because with his talent, and the fact that he wanted to quit playing vampires, he thought this might be a good film, or a nice paycheck.

David tood the role of Ronald Camp. Soon after the movie came out, David went back to his first love, Radio. Here's a picture of David in make up and a scene from the movie. Thanks to Ken Hayes for some of the information.