Being a Ravens fan I was heartbroken when Billy Cundiff missed the field goal. I was happy to hear was Ray Lewis, the linebacker and leader of the Ravens defense, said to the media. Something to the effect of, we lose as a team, we win as a team. If we, as a team, had been winning, Billy wouldn't be in that position. No one else could handle that pressure. He should move on, as a man, as a player. Great Lesson for kids and other sports people.

BUT.....this story has come out and it's awful convincing.

Cundiff has a specific routine he follows when the Ravens get into field goal range. On first down, he does one thing. On second, something else. Third, something else. Unfortunately, the Patriots scoreboard had the down wrong, which threw Cundiff out of whack.

On Sunday, during what would be the Ravens' final set of downs, Cundiff completed his first-down prep and checked the scoreboard: second down. He ran through his routine and looked up at the scoreboard again: third down.

Then, suddenly, chaos on the sidelines.

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