I've had a lot of people ask, "Is the baby here yet?"  Nope, not yet.   My wife's due date was October 26th.  She was convinced she was going to have the baby earlier than that, so it's pretty shocking that we are at over 40 weeks and still no bundle of joy.

The problem at this point is anticipation.   At any given moment, the baby could come.  Her water could break at any time, and we could be frantically rushing to the hospital.  I don't handle waiting well.  I'm a ridiculously impatient person.   This has been torture for me, and I don't know how the heck my wife can handle it.

We spent most of this last weekend waiting for it to happen.  We convinced ourselves that it was going to come by morning several mornings ago.

There's plenty of home remedies to initiate labor, and we've tried most of them.  Still nothing.   This baby just isn't ready.

Today at our appointment the doctor suggested that we set an appointment for induction, so either way our baby will be here by Friday.   Pitocin or not!

Wish us luck, we're climbing the walls.