The 10 Greatest Superhero Movie Villains of All-Time
Without a great adversary, what good is a superhero? Without someone to punch in the face, Batman would just be some rich schmuck driving around in a weird-looking tank. Without someone on the receiving end of his shield, Captain America would just hang out at the V.F.W. all day. So let’s cel…
Marvel’s Thor is Now a Woman
In news that will probably baffle comic book fans and normal people alike, it was revealed that Thor (yes, the Avenger) is no longer worthy of his title and will be replaced by a woman.

Yes, you are allowed to unleash a collective "What?!" right about now.
Watch the New Trailer for ‘Thor: The Dark World’ [VIDEO]
I'll admit I like a good super hero movie.  I really like The Dark Knight series and The Avengers.  I also enjoyed the individual movies each character made leading up to it.  The movie I had the lowest expectations for was the first Thor.  I never followed Thor much as a ki…
My Inner Geek Is Tingling! Let’s Go See ‘The Avengers’! [VIDEO]
I admit it, I love super heroes.  I'm not a fanatic in that I don't own comic books and I don't know every little thing about the hero universe.  However, as a young boy growing up I couldn't miss a rerun of the old Adam West Batman series and I could not get enough of Spiderman in any capacity (I e…
Memorial Day Weekend Movie Guide
Since we can’t spend the entire Memorial Day weekend barbecuing, many Americans observe the day by hopping over to the local cinema to take in a blockbuster movie and some free air conditioning.
Memorial Day 2011 boasts some great flicks, from the Kenneth Branagh-directed treatment of "Thor"…
Did The Right Actor Get Cast As Thor? [VIDEO]
It is the #1 movie in America and it's getting very good reviews.  I will see this movie, but I think the casting choice might be a distraction to the action.   Watch these Thor videos from Conan O'brien after the jump and see if you agree.

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