some jerk

Some Jerk Broke Into SWLP Payment Drop Box
Superior Water Light and Power sent out a letter in the mail to its customers last week about a possible crime that was committed. Their payment drop box located at 2915 Hill Avenue was broken into and the contents were likely stolen.
If you made a payment after 3pm on Wednesday, October 3rd and befo…
Some Jerk Started A Fire At Capri Bar
It was early morning on Sunday when the fire department received a call that a fire had broke out on the second floor of the long standing Capri Bar on Tower Avenue in Superior.
Some Jerks Are Stealing Tailgates Off Trucks in Duluth
Seriously, who would even think this would be something to worry about. A Facebook post has been shared nearly 300 times now where a person parked in Duluth and had their tailgate stolen. According to the Facebook post, the tailgate is worth around $2,000.

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