10 Duluth Restaurants Open on Christmas Eve 2017
If you and the family need a little time out of the house, here is a list of places for you to go on Christmas Eve. This is a list of restaurants suitable for all ages, but most places close very early so it is more of late lunch/early dinner.
5 Things That Make A Supper Club Unique From A Restaurant?
As I was emceeing the Upper Lakes Food Show this week I met a vendor that was offering tasting samples of salad dressings and sauces.  I told him that I loved the kind of blue cheese dressing that you can usually only find at supper clubs.  That spurred a conversation about what a restaura…
5 Extinct Northland Restaurants Saw Many Valentine’s Proposals
As I was on air warning people to remember to make their dinner reservations for Valentine's Day before the ultimate times were booked, I began thinking about the restaurants we use to have in the area that many couples use to get engaged at while celebrating Valentine's dinner.  If y…
What Is The Reason More Restaurants Don’t Serve Squash?
I love squash.  There, I said it, some people cringe, some love it with me.  I think squash has been getting shove to the side and I don't understand why.  I've been baking squash and bringing it for lunch because I love it, my husband does not.  However, we are still able to find a happy medium and…

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