How Do I Pick A Home Food Delivery Service, Is It Worth It?
A few years ago I was enticed to go to a location and pre-make meals to freeze for the week.  I found that wasn't for me because it still took a chunk of time to go make the meals.  I've recently been introduced to the choice of home food delivery where you get the ingredients an…
How To Stretch Out Your Hamburger Helper in a Pinch
Our 5 year old loves Cheesy Hamburger Helper Macaroni.  So much, that after last time I made it, we didn't have enough for 2 adults and 1 child.  Last night I made it again because I needed to cook something fast and easy while the baby slept.   So I reached for a box of Ham…
Rainy Day Venison Crock Pot Recipe
Days like today, you just have to have a warm dinner.  It's also an excuse to use up some of that venison in the freezer with this recipe.  In fact, this is the only way I make venison steaks and chops anymore, because the family likes it so much.

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