Researcher Propose Higher Tax on Sugary Beverages
As obesity continues to plague the United States, many states have imposed a tax cost on some of the products that contribute to unhealthy weight gain, like soda. But experts believe that the current sales tax isn’t high enough to truly impact health and weight loss.
5 Things That Are No Longer Around in Duluth / Superior
I LOVE reminiscing about places we USE to have in Duluth/Superior....there's nothing like sitting around with a group of friends saying "Remember the....."?  Then, the stories start!  That's how the idea for this blog started...my husband was talking about the big slide at the Lake Superio…
Diet Soda May Make You Pack on the Pounds
By analyzing the results of a 10-year longitudinal study of 474 people, researchers  were able to determine that the participants who drank two or more diet sodas a day experienced a waist size increase 70 percent greater than those who stayed away from diet soda.
Dr. Martin P. Paulus, a professor of…
5 Hilarious Mountain Dew Commercials [VIDEOS]
Since I'll be spending time hanging out with the folks from Mountain Dew this Friday, I figured I would do some of my homework and catch up on some of the commercials. After doing a little bit of looking, I've found 5 hilarious ones that stand out. I hope ...