5 Key Food Items To Ensure A Good Super Bowl Party
My co-host Cathy today invited me to her Super Bowl party.  It was very nice of her, and I innocently asked what they were going to be serving and if I could bring anything.  Her answer?  Soup & Chili.  That's a good start, but I felt the need to educate her on what …
Today’s Food Choices Made Hosting A Football Party Interesting
My husband Homie had finally finished his man cave and wanted to christen it with a football party.  He chose the Viking/Packer game.  Every year (that I don't work) we host a Super Bowl party and serve egg rolls and puncit (a Filipino dish made with noodles, veggies and chicken broth…
Make A Party Shot On The Fly with My Top Shelf Drink Video
Once Halloween hits, the holiday party season is officially underway and whether you are hosting a party or going to one, you should leave the 7 layer dip and bag of chips to someone else.  I recommend you bring some liquor, ice and a shaker to create your own shots to share.

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