Embark 8 Person ‘Insta-Up’ Tent Review, Yes It Is That Easy
My wife went shopping at Target using her cartwheel app that she loves so much.  She found a deal on an Embark "Insta-up" 8 person tent.  It was cheap with the app, I think she spent only 80 bucks on it.  It normally retails for $135.  Being it was so cheap, I figured it would be garbage, …
I Just Discovered The Coolest Deer Stand: The Millennium
I've had portable stands for deer hunting for years.  I've helped buddies haul them out in the woods, and they are heavy.  It's a real pain, especially if you're hunting on public land where you can't leave them out there.  This Millennium stand is a game chan…
Why A Good Fishing Guide is Worth The Money
I consider myself a pretty decent fisherman.  I have my favorite fishing spots.  I catch fish more often than I get skunked.   I'm nowhere near pro, but I've never thought about having a guide.  After my first guided trip, I've changed my mind.

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