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Northland Pays Tribute to Massacre Victims [VIDEO]
It has been an incredibly painful past several days for the country with the tragedy in Connecticut.  I don't think I've gone an entire day since the story broke without tearing up at some point.  I know I'm not alone as the rest of the Northland recently came together to pa…
Park Point is Lit Up for the Holidays [VIDEO]
With Christmas just over a few weeks away, another holiday lighting tradition is up and running.  If you head to Bayfront Festival Park for Bentleyville, make sure to make a stop on Park Point for even more holiday cheer.
Technology Helping Hunters Avoid Staying Lost [VIDEO]
Every year, many hunters get disoriented in the woods and ultimately get lost.  This leads to some anxious times for the hunters and, sometimes, authorities being notified by concerned family and friends.  Now, as technology is being widely used, there are fewer lost hunters and those that…

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