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Watch The Honest Trailer to Suicide Squad [VIDEO]
I had high hopes for "Suicide Squad" when it hit theaters.  The trailer looked promising and I was interested to see Jared Lehto's take on The Joker.  I so wanted to like this movie, but I instead ended up feeling the same way as this Honest Trailer does.
Watch The Honest Trailers Take On Jaws [VIDEO]
Blake Lively has a hit on her hands with her new movie 'The Shallows', which finds her in a one-on-one battle with a shark, so now is a great time for the folks at Honest Trailers to take on 'Jaws'.   It also doesn't hurt that it's Shark Week.
Watch Honest Trailers Take On ‘Zootopia’ [VIDEO]
If you're a parent, then you have sat through plenty of movies that your kids seem to like while you feel sheer boredom, feeling like time is crawling by.  However, sometimes you find a movie that you like just as much as they do.  For me, Disney's 'Zootopia' was one of…

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