Update: Tsunami Warning Lifted In Japan
The Tsunami warning was lifted after yet another large Japan quake.  Japanese officials are calling it an aftershock, but it was registered as a 7.1 magnitude and hit 30 miles under the water.
7.4 Earthquake Hits Japan, Tsunami Warning Issued Again
Another aftershock measuring a magnitude of 7.4 has been recorded of the coast of Japan.  Another Tsunami Warning has been issued.
Announcers on Japan's public broadcaster NHK told coastal residents to run to higher ground and away from the shore...
Japan Sank Two Feet
Last week's earthquake in Japan has actually significantly altered our planet.  Japan sank two feet into the earth and the epicenter of the quake actually moved 13 feet by the time it was over!
Video Of Tsunami
I can't imagine the chaos and pain these people are going through.  It's like watching a Hollywood disaster movie, but it's the real thing.  And it's hard to believe.
Rescuers Scramble To Save Lives As Aftershocks Jolt Japan
Unbelievable tragedy continues to unfold in Japan.  There was also an explosion recently at a nuclear power plant there that adds leaking radiation, or even outright meltdown, to the threats stemming from the massive earthquake.  Here is the latest as of Saturday afternoon: