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Remember How Small Cell Phones Were Compared to Now? [VIDEO]
Back in the mid 2000's it seemed like they were trying to get cellphones to be as small as possible.  Nowadays they are huge!  I was cleaning out my desk the other day and found my old motorola phone from around 2006.  It's so small I cannot even comprehend trying to use som…
This Video Will Make You Put That Cell Phone Down!
It's ironic that a viral video about anti-social media is being shared on social media, but that's where I found it.  My daughter had posted it on her facebook page and after watching it and reading her post "makes you think twice", I sent her a message saying "You. Me. The Lakewalk w…
Which Cities Have the Worst Cell Phone Reception?
If you are experiencing things like dropped calls, poor reception and less than desirable download speeds, it is likely because your coverage area is in one of the following metropolitan cities with the shoddiest cell phone signals in the country.

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