25 Hilarious Animal ‘Photobombs’
Photobombs are the (often intoxicated) work of a dude who stealthily weasels his way into your photographs, completely marring what would've been a nice clean picture of you and your boo on your romantic vacation.
But it doesn't stop here. This snapshot wrecking ball genius has pets.
Meet Animal Allies Pet Of The Week Lucky
What a Lucky Dog, or at least he will be when he's found a home.  Right now at Animal Allies, through this Sunday, Dog Adoptions are $100 off.  So to take home Lucky, it would only be $75!  And why wouldn't you want to take him home with a description like this:
ucky is a han…
Know Your Cat’s Limitations So They Don’t Bite You
Seriously?  What the heck is this.  Don't ask me why I was on the Mother Nature Network, but I was.  I think I clicked from one link to another, and then another, and then I saw this article.  "Why Does My Cat Bite When I Pet Her."  Our fussy little ca…
Meet Animal Allies “Pet Of The Week” Ian
This morning we interviewed Sarah from Animal Allies and she had plenty to talk about with the big Mega-Matchathon coming up this weekend.  They are staying open for 30 consecutive hours and hoping to find 100 pets a home.
One of the pets that needs a home is Ian, a Corgi mix...
Turns Out There Is a Difference Between Dog People and Cat People
We’ve all made the assumptions about a person based on whether they own a cat or a dog. But do these stereotypes have any basis in real life?
The folks at set out to answer that question by polling nearly 200,000 pet owners on whether they have a cat or a dog and then crossing that informat…
My Cat’s Daily Routine To Drive Me Crazy
I'll be honest - I do love our cat.  That doesn't mean I like her.  She must have a checklist  to follow everyday to insure she drives me crazy.  I think I got it nailed down:
4:15 AM-  Wake up Ken 15 minutes before his alarm goes off... just to piss him off.
Holy Cat Hair!
It's been hot out, and our cat enjoys hanging out on our 3 season porch.  With the increased heat, our cat starts to shed quite a bit more.  Actually, A LOT MORE!  There is cat hair everywhere.  You would think we were cat hoarders by the amount of cat hair that we pick up..…
Friskies Makes iPad Apps for Cats [VIDEOS]
Given how popular cats are on the internet, it’s no surprise that Friskies — makers of delicious cat food (or so our cats tell us) for over 50 years — recently rolled out a line of tablet-based apps just for cats. Featuring movements, shapes and colors tailored to appeal to kitty’s sensibilities, yo…
Paralyzed Cat Goes For a Swim [VIDEO]
Cats are widely known for their hatred of water  — in fact, the most trusty tool for kitty discipline is often a simple squirt-bottle. So it’s not every day you see one willingly taking a swim.
After a cat named Mog was hit by a car and suffered nerve damage in his front legs, his veterinarian sugges…

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