Meet Animal Allies Pet of the Week Savannah
Today we talked with Betsy from Animal Allies and she shared some exciting fundraising events that are coming up along with the pet of the week Savannah.  Betsy described her as a very loving and cuddling cat that also enjoys a little bit of alone time.
Internet Unsurprisingly Chooses Cat For Newest Monopoly Piece
The public has spoken and Monopoly will cast away the boring old iron token, a symbol of domestic housework from a simpler time (it's not even an electric iron), which has been included in the board game for almost 80 years.
In its place will be a cat. Hey, are you really that surprised? Th…
Meet Animal Allies Pet of the Week Ellie
Once again this morning we talked to Anna from Animal Allies about what's happening at the shelter.  We'll talk more about Ellie the cat in a bit, but we also want to remind you about the promotions that are going on.  Animal Allies is currently helping control the pet population with "beat the…
Hilarious Video of Cats Playing Patty Cake
I actually laughed out loud when I saw this.  What the heck are these cats doing?  Sometimes cats do things that we never will fully understand, and it sure looks like they were doing patty cake.
10 Adorably Tiny Cats
We recently presented you with quite possibly the most adorable group of pictures, ever. They were miniature, furry nuggets of cuteness that would be extremely difficult to top in the miniature, furry nuggets of cuteness category-- tiny dogs. Could it get any better?! Answer: y-e-s. America, we&apos…
10 Cats Dressed Like Reindeer
Not that we're counting or anything, but Christmas is only 27 days and a few hours away, which means it's time to get into the spirit ASAP. Now, this doesn't mean going 'Gangnam Style' crazy with house lights. You also don't have to go buying the 12 days of Christmas to prep for the holidays either,…
Meet Animal Allies Pet Of The Week: Frappe
This week again we talked to Sarah from Animal Allies about what is going on at the shelters in Duluth and Superior, including a special adoption event this weekend at the Miller Hill Subaru.  She also brought up our pet of the week Frappe.  She's a lovable friendly, energetic, older …
Meet Animal Allies Pet of the Week Pandora
Pandora is a cute and lovable cat that we talked about this morning on the Breakfast Club.  Anna, lead adoption counselor, described Pandora as a very friendly cat.  And now, with the "9 lives 9 dollars' promotion, Pandora's fee is only 9 bucks!

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