Meet Animal Allies Pet of the Week “Bootsie”
Animal Allies has a lot of cats in the shelter this time of year.   Because of that, Animal Allies has the "name your own adoption fee" promotion.   Donate what you can and take home a friendly cat!   Here's the featured animal this week, Bootsie!
Meet Animal Allies Pets of The Week: Sunflower & Violet
Every now and again pets come into the shelter that have been together for their whole life.   That's the case with Sunflower and Violet, who are a pair of bonded cats at Animal Allies.   They are hoping to find a good home for these senior cats and keep them together.
Meet Animal Allies Pet of the Week Cinnamon Roll
Cinnamon Roll is a lot sweeter than she looks.  She's the featured cat this week for Animal Allies.   Right now, you can name your own fee if you adopt Cinnamon Roll or any other cat over 6 months old, so visit Animal Allies to find your match!
Meet Animal Allies Pet of the Week: Charlie
Animal Allies still has a lot of cats looking for permanent homes and they are continuing "name your own fee" adoptions for cats over 6 months old.  One of those cats is Charlie.  Here's a little about him.
Cat From Hell Saga Continues; On to Next Step For Puking Cat
Last week I told you about our struggle with our puking cat.  She vomits regularly.  It's more of just a regurgitation.  It's pretty much the dry cat food chewed up, hits the stomach, and comes right back up.  But it takes just enough time for her to put it in a hidden …
9 Animals Confused By Trampolines
Raise your hand if you love trampolines! We sure do, particularly because they're like an instant way to revisit our inner five-year-old. While trampolines are no doubt fun, they can be hilariously painful, too (see: epic fails). If you think about it, though, the trampoline concept is also str…
Pet License Questions Answered in the City of Duluth
I grew up in the country, we didn't need to register our dogs or cats there.  After several months of living in the City of Duluth my friend asked if I had a license for my pet.  WHAT?  Never had to before, so the answer was no.  Questions then came to mind, why, how, how much?  I hope this blog ans…
It’s National Pet Week, Are You A Dog Or Cat Person? [POLL]

This week is National Pet Week, which happens to coincide with "Be Kind To Animals" week.  Our family has a cat, which you've probably heard me complain about periodically.   Cathy's family has two dogs, one being a brand new puppy.  (You've probably heard her complain about the puppy too.…
Animal Allies Pet Of The Week Maxxis
Maxxis is a very loveable cat and one of the shelter's favorites.   However, Maxxis has Feline Immunodeficiency Syndrome (FIV) and is looking for someone to love him and take him home.  His condition only requires that he stays completely indoors and doesn't live with any ot…

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