Megan Wins Dierks Tickets At Grumpy’s, Fun For All
Congrats to Megan, she was the lucky winner at Grumpy's, where B105 made a ticket stop. The place was packed and there were so many nice, and fun, and drunk people. Her table was the lucky table, with her table mate winning some Faith Hill Perfume.
What To Expect From Glen Templeton This Friday
We are all really getting excited for the big Trace Adkins concert at Bayfront this Friday.  Trace is sure to put on a great show, and after doing some research, I'm excited to see what Glen Templeton and his band have to offer.  We talked to Glen a couple of weeks ago and he promises…
4 Great Trace Adkins Moments [VIDEOS]
I first noticed what a cool guy Trace Adkins is when I saw him on "Celebrity Apprentice" a couple of season ago.  He did very well in the show and actually was the runner-up.  There was some good moments from that show and some other moments you may have missed with Trace…

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