Each year that goes by, spring becomes a bigger and bigger deal for me.  We got teased with some 60 degree days earlier in March, and now I'm ready for Spring!  Here's a few things a lot of us can't wait to do!


  • 1

    Going Fishing

    I can't wait for those crisp mornings where the calm water comes alive with a fish striking your bait.  Or how about when the sunset on the St. Louis River as you pull your boat back to the landing with your limit of walleyes.

  • 2

    Visiting Our State Parks

    Spring is the best time of year to visit Gooseberry State Falls or Pattison State Park.  The waterfalls are breathtaking in the spring with all the snow melt creating some spectacular views.

    Nick Stoltman TSM Duluth
  • 3

    Outdoor Music Festivals!

    The Northland has some great outdoor concerts in the area.  Whether it's a concert at Bayfront, music in the park, or festivals that are just an hour drive away, there's plenty of concerts to enjoy!

    Nick Cooper TSM
  • 4

    Going To A Huskies Game!

    How about a night at Wade Stadium with the family for the Huskies?  It's a yearly tradition that we go at least to a couple of games.  The kids love it!

    Homie Kates
  • 5

    Grandma's Marathon & Other Running Events

    The 5ks start heating up in April, and the town comes alive when Grandma's Marathon takes place in June.  It's a buzz around town that brings in lots of out of town money.  It's a win for everyone!

    Nick Cooper TSM
  • 6

    Taking A Stroll On The Lakewalk

    It's nice to be down on the Lakewalk when it's not freezing cold.  So depending on which way the wind is blowing, we may have to wait a while longer.  Either way it's a great place to enjoy the Twin Ports!

    Nick Cooper TSM