News broke earlier today that a second US health care worker had tested positive for Ebola.  The nurse has been identified as 29-year-old Amber Joy Vinson.  She was in direct contact with the patient who died in Dallas and, despite being told to monitor her symptoms, she made a bad decision.

It turns out she boarded a Frontier Airlines plane from Dallas to Cleveland on Friday, October 10th despite having a slightly elevated temperature of 99.5 degrees.  The next day her symptoms worsened and she tested positive for Ebola.

All passengers on her flight have been notified to monitor themselves for symptoms and now anyone that came into contact with the first Dallas patient will be prevented from using public transportation.

While it's difficult to pass on Ebola to others, even with symptoms present you still need be exposed to bodily fluids, it's still a bit concerning that so many bad decisions continue to plague the US in this fight.

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