I remember getting a call back around 1996 or 1997 to the radio station from a record rep.  These are the types of calls we get on occasion.  They have a new artist that is working their butt off visiting every radio station they can to get their career going.  Most recently, this happened with Sarah Darling who performed over a year ago at Ropers.  This call 15 years ago was regarding a new artist named Trace Adkins, who had just released his first single 'There's A Girl In Texas'.  He wanted to visit our radio station to meet us and see if he could sing for our listeners somewhere.  I said sure, come on up and we would find someplace for him to sing a few tunes.

I had heard Trace Adkins and knew the man could sing, but I didn't realize how tall he was until he walked into the radio station that day.  I think his ponytail was taller than me.  Trace was also very friendly and humble as we chatted about his first single and how many days he was spending driving on the road to meet as many radio people and country music lovers as he could.  My first impression of him was he was talented, focused and genuine.  After talking to him and listening to new songs he was putting on his album, we were off to his big performance at the Mariner Mall in Superior.

At the Mariner Mall we set up two speakers and one microphone, very impressive indeed.  Trace played acoustic guitar and sang a few songs to a handful of people.  He thanked those who were there, signed autographs, took pictures and went on his way.  Obviously his hard work early on has paid off as he now has nearly 40 radio hits and is touring much bigger venues than the Mariner Mall.  Instead of two speakers and a microphone, he has semi trucks full of gear and a massive video wall that lines the back of the stage.

I'm looking forward to the show Friday at Bayfront Festival Park and I think you'll enjoy it too.  Gates open at 5 and hard working newcomer Glen Templeton plays first at 7pm.    Make sure to get your tickets at our studios at 14 E Central Entrance in Duluth (get them before Friday and you'll save $10).  Business hours are weekdays from 8am to 5pm.

Enjoy the video for his first single below!  By the way Sarah Darling, who I mentioned earlier, is still out there on the road singing everywhere she can and she just received awesome news.  Her next album is being produced by a Nashville hot shot who also produces someone named Tim McGraw