You have every right to be upset that your shipments may have come late after Christmas.  But let's not get ridiculous here.  This is really kind of a 1st world problem, isn't it?

For a couple of years I worked at a UPS plant during college, and I know a little about shipping.   Christmas is hell for these people.   It's great for the company and the bottom line, but man is it tough for those workers.  So please, give those guys a break a little bit.

A few other reasons not be THAT upset:

You're still getting your package  If it was that important of a gift, don't you think you shouldn't have waited so long to order it?

While you are spending time with your friends and family, there's a delivery guy away from his family working an extra long day trying to get your package to you.


Everybody is pointing fingers at UPS, but FedEx also had some problems too.   It's a changing world with more online shopping.   People have relied so much on last minute online shopping and guaranteed delivery dates, that it's hard to judge what people are going to do.  That's what happened here. Not to mention the brutal weather conditions we've had in December.

Also, here's a little reality check that sometimes we forget how easy we have it.  You click a button, and a package shows up at your door.   Heaven forbid it's a day late.