Would you, could you, run 16 hours on a treadmill?  How about 15 minutes....there, that sounds more like it!  You are invited to support and encourage Chris Gardner on his 16-hour quest, by running/walking on the treadmill along side him.  I'm sure it will help make the 16 hours go by faster if he has interesting people to talk to along the way!  It's a unique fundraiser for the Duluth YMCA.  Here's the details.

About Chris Gardner:  He lives and works in the Duluth community with his wife and two daughters.  Running isn't new to Chris, he is an experienced ultra runner, but this type of run, 16 hours on a treadmill IS new to him.  Chris says "as a man of faith, I felt I should use my running talent in a bigger and better way".   That's when "Purpose Driven Run" evolved to a fundraiser for Duluth's YMCA Strong Kids Program.

What is Strong Kids Program:  It funds the Y's initiative to never deny access to the Y and it's services to kids because of inability to pay.  Learn more about volunteer opportunities [here].

Here's how the Purpose Driven Run will work:  On Monday, April 9, Chris will be running from 6:00am until 10:00pm in the lobby of the YMCA, downtown Duluth-main level.  He's hoping to reach 100 miles.  There will be two other treadmills along side Chris and available for supporters to run or walk  along side of me him for a $1/minute with donation to Strong Kids. (meaning $15 donation for a 15 minute run).  If you can't make it to the Y, you can visit a web-based site set up for electronic giving. There is free parking in the Holiday Center parking ramp.  Even if you choose to not run and want to simply show up to say hi and/or drop off a donation, Chris would LOVE to see you!!!

Good luck Chris and God Bless for all you do!