We bought a new house in December of last year.  It's our first home and we were pretty excited about it.  We got a great deal on a house that is in pretty good shape.  It just needs some minor repairs and touch ups.  It's a great feeling becoming a homeowner.  Until two days after we move in, our neighbor tells us our house is haunted.The very first conversation I had with any of our neighbors went like this:

Me - "Hi, I'm Ken.  You're new neighbor."

Old Neighbor Lady, "How's things going in there? (In a really creepy sounding voice)"

Me- "Pretty good, why do you ask?"

Old Neighbor Lady, "Oh, well that house is haunted.  Some very strange things have happened there.  We've even had to call the police because the attic light is sometimes on."

Me- "Really?  Well I'm sure there's an explanation"

Old Neighbor Lady, "No, no good explanation.  And a lot of people have moved in and out of there after a few weeks because of the ghosts.  But if you have any problems, I'm sure a priest can take care of them."

It wasn't a very nice welcome.  And what good did it do to tell me this?  Seriously, I went through hell buying this house.  I was looking forward to just relaxing and enjoying home ownership.   Instead, the first couple of weeks I kept turning around to see if something was behind me, or jumping at every strange noise that I wasn't used to.  Most of the times it was the sump pump running, or the furnace kicking on, or the baseboards clicking and popping from expanding metal.  The lights flickered upstairs in the bedrooms.  Maybe that was something that freaked people out.  I quickly realized that it was because they were very old light switches with poor connections.  I had left the attic light on several times and noticed later at night when its dark.  You turn the attic light to go up there (where they had done extensive work) and then go back downstairs and forget.  Big deal.  I had a hard time sleeping for the first week, always weary of my surroundings.  Thanks a lot.  What should have been an exciting time turned in to massive paranoia.  My fiance didn't even bat an eye at what the neighbor had said.  She watches ghost hunters at home alone in the dark.  I wish I had that courage.

It's been almost 4 months since that conversation and we have not experienced anything paranormal.  I've been getting comfortable.   It's been enjoyable working on the house and we really like it.  Then just about 20 minutes ago a friend of the neighbor stopped over at their house.  I was outside working on something when he called over, "Have the spooks scared you out yet?"  I laughed and said no and we haven't had any problems.  Then he says, "You will!  I've heard of people moving in and out of that place because of that."  I just turned around and walked away.  It's rude.  Plain rude.  You may think it's funny but I take it as an insult.  It makes me wonder if there is a hidden agenda of some kind.

Another thing is I don't see how people could have moved in and out of here.  The house was vacant for 10 years.  The neighbors haven't even lived here that long.  When we moved in, there was no sign of anyone living here for a long time.  There were no toilet paper holders, no blinds, no towel racks, the water in the toilets had evaporated.  On the title of the house, ownership hadn't changed since 2000.  I know for a fact that the sellers bought this house as an investment.  They were going to flip it and make a fortune.  They priced it way too high to sell and that's probably why it never sold.

So to sum it up.  Shut up.  I don't want to hear that my house is haunted.  Maybe I should start playing jokes.  Like hang a dummy in a window at night with a light shining on it.  Or some afternoon just run out screaming covered in fake blood.  I think I'll try that.