Nothing was better than computer lab and Oregon Trail growing up.  I remember typing in my friends' names in my group and then slowly watch them all get sick and suffer across the trip to the west.  It was a game that taught us how difficult it was in the old frontier, and now you can play it again for free!

The Internet Archive has recently put about 2,400 games on a free web emulator so you can play them.  There's a bunch of other great ones too, but I had to try Oregon Trail first.

I forgot how hard it is!  Within just a few miles I had lost a a few oxen, had a fire that took out 500 pounds of food, broke an axel, and gotten lost.

My group of pioneers were the rest of the staff here.  Steve, David Drew, Chris Allen, and Cathy Kates.

Oh, Cathy.  She as you would expect had the hardest time.



Actually, I lied.  Our own production manager Steve barely even made it out of the gate.


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