There's a growing problem in Superior, WI.  You can call it "picking" or "scrapping."  It's when people go through the alleys with their old beat up pick up trucks and either dig for your garbage or looking for junk they can turn into cash.   Usually it's harmless.  You leave something out in the alley for the garbage truck to take, and they'll grab it first.   However, a lot of these people are getting desperate and going into your yard and taking things that aren't garbage.   That is theft,  and it's becoming a problem.

I recently had an incident where I had some metal items stolen from my yard, so I contacted the police.   After speaking with an officer he told me that the pickers are getting desperate and they are aware of the problem and working on it.

He confirmed that it IS ILLEGAL to take trash from the alley, and it's justified to call 911 if you see someone going through the alley and "picking."  Most of the time these people say they are doing a city a service by cleaning up the neighborhood, but nevertheless it is illegal.

So, one thing is for sure:  next time I see a picker, I'm calling the cops.  Enough is enough.