I know I wasn't the only one today wearing a jacket and mowing my lawn.  I saw several other people bundled up and clipping grass today too.  After yesterday's near 90 degree day, that lake roared it's ugly head and chilled us pretty good. 

I also had a hard time starting my mower for the first time this season even though it's brand new.  I kinda wish they made a choke for these, because we definitely need one around here.  After getting it to fire, I had to keep pressing the primer button to keep it from dying.  After a couple of minutes it warmed up enough I could start.

With all the rain we got a couple of weeks ago, and a week of somewhat average temperatures, the grass has grown in a hurry.  The problem is a lot of us haven't had time when the sun is out to be mowing.  So I would suggest you get it done soon, as we are expecting showers soon for a couple of days!