Steve O'Neil has always worked to help people. My late Grandma June used to work Steve's name into every conversation because she believed in helping people too and was inspired many times by the work that Steve has done.

In true fashion, his friends and family are throwing a party for him, but instead of making it all about Steve, he wants to shine the light on his latest fundraiser to help more people. He rallied to get a 6 to 1 vote for money to finance CHUM's new emergency shelters. CHUM will build six new units of emergency shelter. It will be part of the same complex as 44 units of supportive housing. Which helps homeless and low income familes.

O'Neil told WDIO "I think for CHUM this is a great step forward," O'Neil said. "It's a great step forward for families who are facing homelessness."

What do other people say, WDIO quotes Jim Soderberg CHUM Executive Director as saying "Steve has been a real champion on the project since its inception."

CHUM, family, friends, and many people in the community are having a get together to thank O'Neil. It's a fundraiser for the $11 million housing project. While O'Neil is the guest of honor, he insisted the money will go towards the people he advocates for.

Never one to skirt a get together or share happy times, Steve wants to put things in perspective, he told WDIO "We need to raise several $100,000 more to make this project go," O'Neil said. "So, this seemed like a good way to put a dent in that." "When we give, we receive more than we've ever given," O'Neil said. "It all comes around."

To celebrate hi 30 years of service helping to end homelessness and his constant advocacy to give back to his community and the CHUM Shelter Capital Campaign.

Join Steve and friends on Sunday, April 7, 2013  4:00 - 7:00 PM

Clyde Iron Works   2920 W. Michigan Street, Duluth, MN

Free will offering at the door for the CHUM Building Stable Families Campaign.

Live Auction of desserts, raffle, short program and general shenanigans! Cash bar.

You are invited to bring a food dish to share but don't have to, and jolly spirits.

Information about the project will be available at the event.

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Original interview posted by Laurie Stribling