I watch ESPN all the time, and sometimes it is because of the way the people deliver the sports. I watched Stuart Scott because of that reason. He knew what he was talking about and delivered the sports in an entertaining way. He would even use some small tidbit he had researched to make the segment interesting. I am moved by very few people. One year after the passing of Stuart Scott of ESPN, so many things happened in sports that I would have liked to have heard his take on them all.

Stuart left behind his daughters, but he worked hard to arm them with ways to succeed and ways that he can continue to inspire them. This video not only renewed the way he inspires me, but I was in awe of him as a Father how he chose to raise his girls even when he knew he was going to die. I still miss Stuart. Very few people inspire me and the ones that do are large because I want to be like them. Stuart was one of those people and, to this day, still inspires me and makes me want to live like he did.