Recently it was announced that a TV show was going to based off of the 1996 movie "Fargo."  It kind of made me cringe, because since that movie everyone thinks that Minnesotans talk like they do on Fargo.   It's not true.   Yes, maybe a little, but the accent is too thick.  It's over the top.   However, one movie nailed it.

"North Country," the 2005 film, was filmed on the Iron Range and the actors spent time among the locals.   I know this, because I'm from the "Range" and have friends that spent time with some of the actors.

You may even think this is a little thick.   For the time period, it was perfect.  Spot on.   I don't remember any of the actors screwing it up.  The movie was set around 1990 and these are the accents I grew up with.

A lot of people critized the movie for getting the facts wrong.  It sparked up a 20 year old controversy that people didn't like talking about.

But I will say this:  Great job to the actors for getting it right.