It's not the first time he's decorated his teeth with grills in public.  He did it at the 2008 Beijing Olympics too.  Does it really hurt, after all, the jewels form an American flag.  Still, he was told, wear the oral jewelry and you don't get the medal.  What do you thing, fair or unfair?Here's how it went down.  He wins the 400 IM, (congrats, Ryan!!!).  He wants to wear some custom made red, white and blue grills on the podium.  Apparently ancient Olympians used teeth jewelry.  But, an Olympic official told him that wearing the grills would mean NO Gold medal to take home.

The pics you see with Ryan, his Gold medal and the grills ON his teeth, are taken after his time on the podium.  Yeah, I think I would have done as they asked too!

What do you think?  Was it fair of the Olympic Officials to sensor Ryan Lochte's personality, his right to individuality?   Or, were they right in stopping him from doing something that has been associated, by some people,  with gang activity?