It's hard to picture a family living in conditions that are without heat, but it happens in the Northland more often than you think.  As our temps drop this week people start to wonder if they can stretch their dollars to keep the heat on in their homes.  The Salvation Army has a program to help, it's called HeatShare and you can help.  You can give the gift of heat!

What is HeatShare?  I got a brochure inside my heating bill that explained that questions.  It's another very important program that the Salvation Army offers.  It assists senior citizens, those that are disabled and families financially that can't pay their heating or utility bills.   It doesn't matter what type of heating they have, wood, propane, oil, gas or electricity to heat their home, some are even in need of repairs to whatever they choose to heat with.  Of course, there is guidelines that people have to meet, but for those that are in need, it gives them hope and help when they need it most.  It's often time a last resort for those that need help.

Spring isn't that far away, but cool temps are still in the forecast.  By making a donation to HeatShare you are helping people in your community, your neighbors maybe even family members that haven't told you that they're struggling.

If you are in need of financial assistance and would like more info on the Heat Share program, call 800.842.7279.

Info via:  Salvation Army