Years ago I had college roommate Jeremy that was VERY into Star Wars.  I mean, this guy had everything from action figures to posters.  It was pretty cool, and we had a lot of fun nerding out with Star Wars stuff.  He was in graphic design, so naturally he was pretty artistic.  Recently I saw on Facebook that Jeremy had entered a contest for Star Wars, and the guy actually won!

His name is Jeremy Peterson and he's originally from Fredenberg, and now lives in St. Louis Park.

Back in August, Star Wars started a fan art competition where people could submit their artwork.   All styles were accepted and no character or locale was off limits.  Thousands of people submitted artwork.  They picked 5 grand prize winners, and Jeremy was one of them.  That's pretty incredible, and I'm really happy for him.

Now, here's the coolest part.  Jeremy and his girlfriend get to go to the VIP Premiere of the Star Wars Force Awakens Art Exhibit in Hollywood.  They get a trip to LA next week!   HOLY TAUNTANS!

To read more about the contest and see the other art winners, check out the Star Wars Art Awakens page.

I asked Jeremy where he came up with the concept:

"I just wanted to do a painting the showcased the mask and the saber. There was the scene from the first trailer where we see him from behind in the snowy forest, so I figured I'd just do something that could have been a later shot in that same scene."

I may be a little biased, but I think it's the best art in the competition.  Have fun Jeremy!