When the new NFL season begins, teams will all have new uniforms as Nike has taken over production.  As you will read, the Seattle Seahawks used this opportunity change the overall look to their uniforms.  However, for most teams the changes not very noticeable.  The Vikings and Packers will look much as they did last year, although the fit and feel to the players is said to be improved.  I'm sure the teams are looking forward to fans wanting to own the new jerseys however.

Take a look at the Nike Packers jersey after the jump.  I do like the gloves.  Will you buy the new Nike Vikings or Packers jersey?

For fans worried that Nike was going to give their favorite NFL team's uniform an extreme makeover, full-blown Oregon style, no need to fret.

Ben Roethlisberger still looked very much like a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Nobody would have mistaken Jermichael Finley for anything but a Green Bay Packer. And the Browns' jersey wore by Joe Haden was still brown.

Going for a slightly sleeker but very familiar look, the NFL unveiled its new uniforms Tuesday. Nike, the league's latest apparel maker, stayed away from the wildly experimental designs it uses with the University of Oregon, get-ups that sometimes make it hard to identify the Ducks.

"You look good, you play good," said Finley, Green Bay's star tight end. "Hopefully that kicks into effect this season."

Nike put on a gridiron-themed fashion show at a Brooklyn film studio, with a player from each of the 32 franchises modeling his team's new threads.

No, Big Ben, Ndamukong Suh and Brian Urlacher didn't walk the runway.

Instead, after a handful of Nike big wigs worked their way through half-hour presentation that could have been dubbed "The Making of the Uniforms," the players walked out onto an artificial turf-covered mini-field, suited up from shoes to shoulder pads and lined up in four rows. After the house lights went up, their helmets went on.

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