Medical technology has come such a long way! We had the "father belt", an overlarge pillow attached to a belt that Daddys-to-be wore and tried to tie their shoes....just to feel what it's like to be 8 months pregnant.  Now......Oh how I wish they had this when I was pregnant 17 years ago!  A device to watch your baby grow.....FROM INSIDE THE WOMB!

As Doug Bonderud explains,  it's the brain-child (pun intended)  invented by Melody Shiue and allows parents pre-birth bonding using "fetal visualization".

It looks like a wrestler's belt that hooks around the mother's abdomen.  When a button is pushed, an ultra sonic layer next to the skin images the baby onto a stretchable electronic textile.  The parents can not only watch the baby grow, but see if he/she smiles or kicks!

I truly wish we could get a hold of one and try it on my co-host Ken Hayes....can you imagine what we'd see?  Lots of beer and chicken wings, I imagine!  Have you had access to one of these new devices?  If you were pregnant, would you WANT to keep a watchful eye on your baby before it was born?