I was invited to go fishing the St. Louis river with my friend Rich and his dad yesterday morning, and it would be my first time up the river since the historic 2012 June flood.  The damage along the riverbank was unbelievable.  There were mudslides, islands washed away, and trees toppled into the river all along the way.

It was a trick getting up the river, as depths have changed.   Luckily, Rich grew up on the river and knew his way along.  We basically took it slow and hugged the west side of the river, dodging trees and "dead heads."

Once we got up to the top of the river next to the dam we had decent luck fishing.  We were able to pull out 3 keeper walleyes, a couple of small mouth bass, and one slimy northern.  (Which Rich wouldn't let me keep.)

Here's some pictures of the damaged river banks: