2013 was a busy, exciting year.  I wanted to share with you some of the big moments in this last year.   I can't believe we fit them all in!

To break this down, I'll go month by month:


-Went to St. Jude again to visit.  (I'll be going again in a few weeks.)  It's always inspring and motivation to see the lives they are saving at St. Jude.  It's rejuvinating to help us raise money for such a good cause.

Also  I got to meet some stars like Brantley Gilbert, and Hunter Hayes.

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes



February was a super exciting month because we found out that we were going to have a baby!  However, we didn't mention it to anyone right away.  It was tough keeping the secret!


Another Successful St. Jude Radiothon!

Ken Hayes


The big announcement to everyone!


May -

It was the latest ice out I've ever seen in my life.  Fishing didn't start until June (see below.)  However, my wife and I did celebrate our 2nd anniversary together!


Finally, after years of living up here I dove into fishing the St. Louis river.   My friend Rich showed me a few spots and I embarked on my summer long adventure of exploring the river for fishing spots.   We had some luck!

We caught 16 that day!  (And released most of them.)

Also we got our first look at our baby!  We decided we wanted the gender to be a surprise, and we stuck with it!

I did a 30 foot free fall jump at Country Fest... and sprained my ankle.  STUPID.


Finally completed (mostly) the attic renovation product from hell.   This involved stripping wood paneling, insulating, wiring, sheetrocking, mudding, and carpeting our third floor.  Now it's a disaster in a different sense, covered with toys.



I caught this monster northern pike.  In it's mouth was a 12" walleye.  I could not physically lift it in the boat by myself, so I was able to snap this picture.   It was a thrill!



I celebrated turning 30 years old.  It was a great day.  Here's my present from my family!


This was the waiting month for the baby month.  There was a false alarm... tense nerves, and horrible anticipation.


The baby didn't come in October.


But SHE came on November 1st!   Baby Jane Elizabeth 7 lbs 12 ounces!



Pretty much the rest of the year has been adjusting to life with a baby again and having some great moments!


So here's to 2014!  Let's hope it's just as good!