All Cirque Du Soleil performances are superb and amazing, in so many aspects.  Not only are the performances jaw dropping, but behind the scenes is equally as amazing.  My first experience with a Cirque Du Soleil show was the last time they were in Duluth.  I was able to visit with the performers before the show and find that they live in a very intense world where precision and fore thought is common.

Most interesting?  The fact that every costume you see in the show has a double or triple hanging in the back, just to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions that would affect the performance.  They travel with seamstresses that keep each costume pristine.  They also travel with their own team of chefs.  They come into town, grocery shop in our local stores so everything is fresh and set up a make-shift kitchen where ever they are.  The performers can't chance an upset stomach so they prepare and eat food that they're use to.

But, I wouldn't do justice to explain the show itself and that is the most jaw dropping, visual gravity-defying experience you absolutely CANNOT miss.  I thought some of the performers themselves could give you a better insight on what to expect and why you should get your tickets before they sell out!

The show is Wed, then Friday through Sunday, November 26, 28-30 at Amsoil Arena.  Tickets are on sale RIGHT NOW! It's truly a wonderful experience!