How many times have you said to yourself  "if I only had a few minutes with Mayor Don Ness, I'd tell him to (insert your fantastic idea to better our lives and community here)".  Well, Duluth citizens are welcome to do just that at another Mayor's Night coming up Tuesday, April 26.  It's Free and the Mayor stays until he's visited with every person that signs up.  Here's the details.

Mayor Don Ness will hold his ‘Mayor’s Night’ event with Duluth citizens at City Hall on Tuesday, April 26, starting at 5:00 p.m. and continuing until each person has a chance to speak with the Mayor. The meeting will be held in the Fourth Floor Reception Room, which is Room 405 of Duluth City Hall.

‘Mayor’s Night’ events are scheduled on the last Tuesday of each month at City Hall, to give citizensregular opportunities to meet with Mayor Ness and senior city staff. Citizens can come to the Reception Room to sign in starting at 4:30 p.m. Meetings with the Mayor will be on a first come/first served basis.  All citizens taking part will have an opportunity to meet with the Mayor, though the presence of larger numbers of citizens may mean slightly shorter meeting times.

I've done this's a great way to be share your thoughts about your community, your neighborhood and your city!