As a child growing up in Wrenshall there was 3 TV channels and PBS.  In the summer, when I wasn't outside riding my bike, digging up turtle eggs, or catching minnows in the culvert, I was watching one of those 4 available channels. 




Cable didn't reach that far and digital wasn't around yet (insert age joke here).

One of my favorite TV game shows was Family Feud with host, Richard Dawson.  Oh, I know, he was on the show "Hogan's Heros" and I remember that show, vaguely....Colonel Klink?  So, I'll have to stick to  Family Feud.

He truly had the personality that people liked, we loved it when he would lose his composer and laugh uncontrollably, we loved it (and so did he) when he kissed all the lady contestants on his game shows, and we loved that he wasn't afraid to show his real side.

Here's a tribute from Youtube set to Tim McGraw's "Please Remember Me":

May you RIP, Richard Dawson......