Have you always wanted to plant a garden?  Some of us want to as a hobby, yet others need to out of necessity to feed the family.  Well, it's time to take action, so you can have a productive season. You can learn successful gardening basics and advanced gardening tips for FREE!Jane Anklam, UW-Extension Horticulture and Agriculture Educator will show you how to plant your warm season crops like green beans, cucumbers and broccoli, this Friday, June 1st at 10a.  This would be the way I would need to learn, hands-on!  The gardens are located behind the Catlin Courts Estates on Catlin Street in Superior, WI.  (if it rains, we'll move indoors at the Peter Rich Center).

These FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC classes will then continue every other Friday, all summer.  Other topics that will be covered include fresh food nutrition, cooking methods and home gardening, among other things.

Yes, I said it's FREE, but if you still don't believe me, OR, if you have other questions, you can all Jane Anklam at 715.395.1515.  Happy Harvesting!